Why we should Apply Samajwadi Smartphone ?

By | October 14, 2016

Samajwadi Smartphone is a great scheme launched by Mr.Akhilesh Yadav Ji it is for poor people who still do not have smartphone for their daily life.This will relly benefit billions of people of Uttar Pradesh after connecting with Smajawadi Smartphone.


Here are top ten reasons why we should buy Samajwadi Smartphone :-

1-It is free of cost, you do not have to pay a single penny.

2-It is high tech smart phone will features & all apps of Uttar Pradesh government.

3-Applying for this scheme is easy.

4-No fee is needed.

5-You can apply it online.

6-Since it is government product so more chances that it will durable and strong .

7-Now a days we need smartphone for advance social connection like whatsapp,facebook and video calling and HD camera. these advance features we can get in smartphone , we can not get these in a normal phone.

8-It is really beneficial for youths they will be aware of latest technology and governement updates and job upates.

9-Since it is government scheme so its a duty of citizens of UP to take advantage of it.

10-Last reason is that when you close friends will show you that I have got a free smartphone and you will regret that you should have also apply for this.

So start applying today.